There is a part of the prelit artificial Christmas trees that many have not considered. How do you store prelit artificial Christmas trees? After you use them in a season, it is important that you also do well to store them properly, so you will be able to use them other times when the need arises.

If you now have a prelit artificial Christmas tree, it is necessary for you to find the best ways to keep it in the best shape and the best condition. You do not want your artificial prelit Christmas tree getting sprint just a few weeks after you got it.

With the following steps, you will do that very efficiently and you would be preserving your artificial prelit Christmas tree in the best condition.

  • Step 1: Take away the Ornaments

Carefully remove all of the ornaments around and store then properly. I would advise that you get an ornament storage box to keep the ornaments after removing them.

  • Step 2: Work on the lights

Go through the different lights on the trees. Check for the ones that are burnt and replace them.

  • Step 3: Disassemble the tree

Artificial prelit Christmas trees always come in different parts. When you want to store them, you will have to dismember the tree and store them carefully in the different parts.

  • Step 4: Fold In The Branches

You will start from the top, then move gradually downwards. Ensure you do not damage any inner placed material.

  • Place The Tree Carefully In the Right Bag

Do not use cardboard bags, they cannot hold the artificial prelit Christmas tree. Look for the right bag and place it in it carefully.

  • Keep It Away Safely

Always ensure you have stored it in a place where it is safest.

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