The Christmas Season: Why You Need to Take Care of Yourself

How many times per year do you take time out of your schedule just for you? Chances are, not that many. However, there are those who make it a point to take a few minutes each day or a few hours each week to take care of themselves. And this routine can go out the window when Christmas rolls around. For those who have a family, they may find themselves more focused on getting the kids the perfect gifts, decorating their home, trying out new Christmas recipes, wrapping gifts, and setting schedules to see all their extended family. What time is left for you? None! And that is where the problem is.

Why Take Time for Yourself?

For those who are in charge of it all, it may seem selfish to take time for themselves when they have a list a mile long. However, in not doing this, you are going to hurt yourself in the long run. Answer truthfully, in years past during the Christmas season, did you find yourself getting shorter? Find that your temper was always ready to rear its ugly head? Did you get sick? Find that you have more headaches than usual? This is all due to the stress that you feel during this time. It is vital that you take some time for yourself, despite all that you have to do!

Tips for Taking Time for Yourself

Here are a few ideas and tips that can make it possible for you to take some time for yourself this Christmas season:

  1. Delegate some of these tasks to other people. You don’t have to do it all if you have others around you that are offering to help.
  2. Learn to let some things go. Let’s say that you wrap to the point that it looks professional, well if you have to give up some of that time for self-care, do this. People are not going to notice that the presents were wrapped by you instead of a perfectionist elf from the North Pole.
  3. Simply taking an hour to take a bubble bath and read a book can be just what you need to recharge your battery and be ready to face Christmas head-on.
  4. If crowds get to you, consider shopping online. Chances are you can find some great deals that may not be in store. 
  5. A coffee break can be a great way to clear your mind and get back to your Christmas list. 

Whatever you do, be sure that you are doing something for you!

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