Best Places to Visit In San Francisco during Christmas Holiday

It’s almost Christmas, and if you’re living in San Francisco, new there, or probably planning to spend your Christmas holiday there this year, you might be wondering the best places you could visit. Well, that’s undoubtedly going to be the least of your worries as we’ll be looking today at three spots to explore in the city of San Francisco during your Christmas holiday. So without any further delay, let’s get on with it! 

Union Square 

Union Square is the heart of Christmas in San Francisco. It has a massive tree, the hearts that you’ve seen in lots of photos, and of course, ice skating right in the heart of the city. It also has two unique streets to check out; one is called Maiden Lane from the east side of the square. This street is lined with market lights, and it’s beautiful to walk down. 

A few streets down from that is what’s called Winter Walk San Francisco. This is where they close an entire city street and allow only pedestrian access during December. Also, it has food trucks, a place to stay, sit, and hang out. You can walk past the storefronts which have a lot of Christmas related items, as well as animals that are up for adoption during Christmas time.

Union Square Popular Stores

Another place you should plan to pay a visit when in San Francisco, are the Union Square famous stores. Union Square is the third-largest shopping area in the United States, and it has a lot of well-known stores that go all out for Christmas. One of the most popular is the Macy’s, which is adorned with wreaths, lights on the outside, and half of the top floor decorated with ornaments gifts, and all sorts of things that you can buy, as well as a place for kids to write letters to Santa, and even have an option to sit on Santa’s lap. 

Across the street from that, is Neiman Marcus who has a substantial four-story tree right in the window, that you can see from the outside and explore from the inside. And if you’re looking for a unique romantic experience in the city, you can book a dinner at the restaurant on the top floor which looks right at the top of the tree. Trust me; it’s very cool.

Westfield Mall

The Westfield Mall has a massive dome, and each year they hang an LED Christmas tree upside down. It’s a super cool spot that you’ll see all over Instagram during Christmas, but it’s worth seeing in person as it’s much more spectacular.

If your Christmas is going to be in San Francisco this year, make sure you check off these great places on this list. 

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