6 Themes for Christmas 2019

There are several people who enjoy decorating their tree with a different theme year after year. They want the latest and greatest in terms of what colors people are decorating with. For 2019, they are going to find that there are traditional themes as well as more creative and modern themes to choose from. For those who are ready to take their decor to the next level, check out these 2019 themes!

  1. North Pole Party: Using the traditional red and green themes, Santa and his elves can be used anywhere throughout the home. This is a whimsical and fun theme that is sure to bring smiles and laughs. It would be a great option for those with kids!
  2. Scandi Christmas: This is a theme that has been around for a few years, but this year it tends to be more popular. With dusty pinks, golds, silvers and greys, it is a theme that is soft and under spoken. However, when all the colors come together, it is simply stunning.
  3. Dusty Christmas: Similar to the Scandi theme, this theme uses pale pinks along with dusty berry colors with a pop of green that is more apple green than anything else. It creates a stunning look in the end and is going to be one theme that shows you are on the cutting edge of decor. 
  4. Midnight Allure: This is a dramatic theme that uses deep blue colors along with teal and gold to create a dramatic look. This is a great option for those with a larger tree that is going to be the highlight of their entire room. Or for those who are looking for something unique.
  5. Christmas in Paris: A Paris theme is on the rise in popularity. This theme is, of course, going to use ornaments related to Paris, like the Eiffel Tower, along with silver, platinum and sage green colors. 
  6. Barn Fun: For those who love the farmhouse look, this type of theme is still going to be popular this year. The colors may include silver, gold, red and green all in vintage styles to add to the farmhouse look.

Which theme is of interest to you? Of course, for those who are not into themes, the traditional red and green lights with the ornaments that have been passed down for generations is a theme that is a solid go-to. Leave it up to your imagination and see what you can come up with!

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