6 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

Are you on the market for an artificial Christmas tree? For those who are unsure of the size that they should get or what type of tree to get, they are going to find that a 6-foot artificial tree is a great choice for those who may be limited in their space. For example, those who live in apartments or small homes often find that a 6-foot tree is more than enough when they are dealing with space. 

You Have Options

While you may know that you want a 6 foot artificial Christmas tree, that is not enough to know and choose. There are tons of choices, even though you know that you want a 6-foot tall tree! These options include:

  • What width do you want? There are those that are considered full, pencil and slim. 
  • Do you want a pre-lit or unlit tree?
  • Do you want a simple green tree or a flocked tree?

These decisions can help to narrow down the choices of trees, and then you can easily pick the one that fits your ideal of what you want in your home. 

How to Decorate

How should you decorate your 6 foot artificial Christmas tree? That is totally up to you! That is what makes an artificial tree so much fun, you can decorate this in any way that you want. Here are a few ideas:

  • Consider your color scheme. Are you wanting to do a certain combination of colors when it comes to the ornaments, lights, and topper that is put onto the tree?
  • How about a theme? Some of the popular Christmas tree themes include Winter Wonderland, Silver and Gold, Farm theme, Candy Paradise and so many more!
  • Are you interested in adding a few extras like a garland?
  • Be sure that you put the lights on first if you decide to get with an unlit Christmas tree to avoid any issues with the ornaments staying on the tree. 
  • Always hand ornaments in a way that is going to prevent them from getting knocked off and possibly breaking.

A 6 foot artificial Christmas tree is a great starter tree for those who are just now buying a tree or for those who are limited on space. For those who are ready to find the tree of their dreams, King of Christmas has an amazing selection of 6 foot artificial Christmas trees. 

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